The Dionís Bennàssar Museum

Pollença, Mallorca

Dionís Bennàssar studio

The museum that bears the name of the painter Dionís Bennàssar, located in Pollensa (Mallorca), is the home where the artist lived for half of his life, and where he created important work as a painter.

The building is a typical Mallorcan house, which has been restored in order to transform it into what it is today. It houses a large part of the artistic legacy of Dionís Bennàssar, as well as lots of his personal objects, furniture, etc. In addition to the architectural restoration, an extension was carried out, resulting in the current three annexed exhibition rooms.

In this 17th century house, visitors can find the Foundation´s artistic archive, comprised of different collections: oil on canvas, watercolours, drawings, sculptures, etc.

The house museum is also the headquarters of the Dionís Bennàssar Foundation. This is a private, non-profitable cultural foundation, that was set up to promote, divulge and defend manifestations of the human spirit. Specifically, it carries out the exhibition, cataloguing, conservation and dissemination of the work and thinking of Dionís Bennàssar. The Foundation is also interest in different artistic and cultural manifestations in general, and carries out and organises different activities.

This includes temporary exhibitions (whether they are monographic, individual exhibitions of historic and contemporary artists, etc.) conferences, courses, seminars, publications, colloquiums, musical concerts, etc.

The Foundation is also open to new proposals and ideas, and cultural exchanges with other museums in Spain and abroad.