How to get there

C/ Roca 14, Pollença (Mallorca)

Coordinates: 39.87921 (lat.) / 3.01733 (long.) - GPS: N 39 52.753 (lat.) / E 3 01.040 (long.)

The Dionís Bennàssar Museum is located at Calle Roca number 14, in Pollensa, Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain).

How to get there from Plaça Major in Pollença

From Plaça Major, look for Calle Temple (next to the church) and keep going until you reach the Plaça de l’Almoina or Font del Gall. Afterwards, keep going along the right of Carrer Major or of Costa i Llobera, and turn left on Calle de l´Aguila. Finally, the first street on the right is Roca, which is home to the Museum, at number 14.